Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Here Comes Najwa Karam 2011 Album

Titled "This Night, There's no sleep", this sleepless night is not a sad album, this is for those who like to stay up and party all night to the tunes of Najwa Karam adn the beat of her album. I think this album Najwa had to make for herself to tell herself, that "I am the diva out here", and you know what it's her best album in 3 years. Her energy, vocals and music makes a great comeback.

This is the all Lebanese album of the year, she pulls no punches and holds nothing back as Najwa Karam is back with Rotana and this album make her their first lady and possibly their best seller. The faith of the music executives in her star power is clear in the 8 track album, no one makes those anymore, they go for a minimum of 10, but with Najwa they know the quality always triumphs the quantity.

Every summer Najwa Karam releases a strong album with at least 7 awesome songs, this album is no different, and comes this album with her favorite company Rotana that loves Najwa's business. They had a rough batch last year, but they kissed and made up. Najwa has not spoken much about this album, she has been doing a lot of TV shows, not many concerts lately, but you can bet with this album she will be all over Lebanon.

01 - Ma Fi Noom, new fresh and dance workout, you are in for a surprise
02 - Ya Bayye, a chance for Najwa to reveal her sweet vocals
03 - Shou Halyaly, no one flirts in Lebanese better than Najwa does
04 - Tamma3tak, great music and delightful lyrics
05 - Law Bas Ta3rif, the sweetest and most real song Najwa has sang in years
06 - 3ayni Bi 3aynak, let the games play, the beat is hard to miss
07 - Bayya3 Al Yanassib, creative concept that allows Najwa to shine
08 - Dallel, best title and bittersweet song that puts Najwa in her comfort zone

Najwa Karam Ma Fi Noom 3D 2011 كليب نجوى كرم " مافى نوم " اول كليب


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