Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jamaican, Japanese, Folks And Cha Cha Dance

The dancer is the one and the only Myriam Faris, the Lebanese pop star who has been making waves in the social media lately. Not sure where the fire has gone from Myriam Faris, but she seems not able to produce anything at the moment. Her last single, was a rip off melody--she acknowledges as much. Sure soe of her outfits are dazzling in the videos below, but I do not know how the Japanese feel about some putting so much makeup on to look Japanese.

Those are clips from her dance Fawazeer show from about two years ago. Anyhow, the show was popular as its production value was higer than usual. But I think i was intense to keep up with the work schedule. Myriam's YouTube is uploading these videos now, due to the lack of any new material to run now. Myriam was in Miamia for a vacation, celebrating her birthday. Fawazeer Myriam Jamaican dance / ميريام فارس رقص جامايكي
Fawazeer Myriam Japanese dance / ميريام فارس رقص ياباني Fawazeer Myriam Egyptian Saidi dance / ميريام فارس رقص مصري صعيدي Fawazeer Myriam Cha-cha-cha dance / ميريام فارس رقصة تشا تشا
Fawazeer Myriam Twist dance / فوازير ميريام رقص تويست Fawazeer Myriam Indian dance / فوازير ميريام رقص هندي


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